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Asociación Internacional


de Clubes Sembradores de Amistad






Message from the President of the Asociación de Clubes Sembradores de Amistad, A. C. (AICSA). To the Asamblea de Presidentes y Consejo Directivo, withe the motive of the Convención Annual/Casa-Club, del Club Sembradores de Amistad de Veracruz, A.C./ Friday 10th. October, 2014.


Distiguished Damas Sembradoras

Estemeed Guests:

Ing. José del Carmen Corro González, Presidente del Club Sembradores Veracruz, A. C., Sra. Margarita Hermida de Corro, and Fellow Members:

Members constituents of the Consejo Directivo de AICSA:

Distinguidos Convencionistas

Amigos todos:

Obligations suitable of the university teaching, had prevented me, from been here with you at this Convención Annual, to be held at the beautiful

Puerto de Veracruz, with a dear Club that in January of this year, reached the 55 years of a fruitful life of Amistad y Civismo.

I had request to the Presidente of my Club Regiomontano, the Lic. Humberto Treviño García, to be the Secretario Delegado at this Convención, and that therefore, represent me at the functions characteristic of the post, as are established through the by laws that govern us.

I would like, previous to my report to you of what had happen this last six months, after the Miniconvención de Monterrey, in May of this year,to read to you, some paragraphs of the newsman and writer Fernando Benítez, at his work La ruta de Cortés.

“The friendliness of the Veracruzano, builds on me a powerful reagent. the thin air of the altiplanicie, the same in México, that in the Perú, create human beings solemn, sad and ceremonious. The courtesy, is a plant that bloom at two thousand meters above sea level, the same could be said of the theology, at least in lands in America. While at the altiplanicie, the life is adorned with a delicate dignity, that already enclose a gnawing and active tendency to mysticism, at the belts of the coast of the life, is infected by one carefree sensuality, rue may be, but innocent and happy.”

¿On which location in México, it is feasible to draw attention to the scenes, that are build up at the plaza de Veracruz? The palace of Ayuntamiento, with its white columns, and with its graceful tower, it is possible at the balmy night under the shining stars, one theatrical set, at the same measurement that they are the vestibules vividly illuminated, and the trees with trimmed foliage. The costeñas guitars, the sones jarochos, and the marimba, play ceaseless. The muffled music of the municipal band, reach by squalls. In this shacked air, mingle the shouts of the vendors, the conversations of the patrons, the disputes of the sailors, the chat of the awakened birds, and of the muchachas that walk sending back greetings, and flirtatious remarks. But this uproar does not change the senses, but exalt them, as the wine of the mediterranean countryside.

¡The serenata veracruzana !Necessary rest-cure, for the sad men of the plateau. Life is outdoors, half dressed, with sharp appetite and the head dizzy, because the sensuality had been fully recovered, and with it, the certainty of our corporeal nature […].

You are then, in Veracruz. The city that invites to enjoyment, to the unconcern, but where also, it can provide space to reflection, and to the dialogue, away from the daily duty of the obligations. For this, I predict the biggest outcome to this annual meeting, that enable us to make an adding up, and subtraction of what had been accomplished, and at the same time, where it is pronounced what has to be done, at the immediate and mediate future.

I begin, by being thankful to the Clubes Monterrey, Regiomontano, and Sierra Madre, for the work achieved, so that in May 29, 30, and 31,turn out to be, a success, the Miniconvención Sembradora,which was possible, especially, thanks to the work of the Damas Sembradoras, and to the president del Comité Organizador, Ing. Emilio Fautch Muguira. Likewise, I do the same at this Port, thanking the Club Anfitrión their president, the Ing. José del Carmen Corro González, to their Members, and to their Damas Sembradoras, that had been Comité de Recepción, and energetic collaborators, for the success of the program.

Each one of the Presidentes del Club, had brought, or sent his written report, to this Convención Annual, in such a way, that we know, the more emphasized achievements, as regards to the number of members, platform, reunions, support to the common work, social work, and presence at the community.

We are not bad, but we can be better. ¿which is our strength? That there is harmony, among all the Regiones and Clubes, and with the Asociación Internacional. It is not nothing much, when in many spaces and surroundings, favor the discord and the uneasiness. Sembradores is one oasis of sound encounter, of strengthen and mature comradeship.

And, ¿Which is our weakness? That having a marvelous body of principles, we could not grow in number of members, and Clubes, as demanded, by the times, and are established by the proper by-laws. At this point, we expect a lot, out of the Lic. Alejandrina González de Garza, Directora de Promoción, but also from all and each one of you, in order to strengthen our present Clubes, and that we also get more Regular Clubes, more Comités de Damas, and de nueva cuenta, Clubes Juvniles.

The work achieved by the Clubes, Centenario de Torreón, Corpus Christi, Durango, León, Monterrey, Puebla, Regiomontano, Saltillo, Sierra Madre and Veracrus, it is highly encouraging, and must be a reason for proper pride. Because, in spite that we are living times of change, and insecurity, the Organization had remain.

As for the AICSA, I consider that there is the firm structure of four vicepresidencias regionales, renewed in the persons of Ing. Emilio Fautsch (Regiomontano),Ing. José Corro (Veracruz), Ing. Tomás Palomino (Durango),and Mtro. Louis Lopez (Corpus Christi). Their Commissary Ing. Manuel Mijares, had recommend the approval of the Estados Financieros for the month of September, and this have being submit by the Tesorero Don Alfredo Sada, through the Tesorero Suplente, Lic. José Ignacio Cárdenas, aquí presente. There are black numbers, with one ABP, that has to get together soon in Monterrey, where what is recommended, to the Clubes from México and the United States, is that they make adequate use of it, which in turn contribute to the operative expense of the Oficina y Gerencia, reduced to the minimum expression and spending.

It is continued the Boletín Mensual, in English and Spanish, the  surgical ocular procedures at the charge of Dr. Clodio González Zambrano  had been renovated, the Corpus Christi Club is working arduously, in order to carry out this November, their annual dinner-auction, destined to raise funds for the university scholarships, granted year after year, there are plans for the foundation of a new Club in Monterrey, the fund for the ABP, is maintained almost intact, and there are present, the anniversaries in this 2014, in December of the Club Puebla (60 years), and in the 2015 of the Clubes Durango (55 years), León (55 years), Regiomontano (40 years), and Corpus Christi (40 years), plus the great anniversary 80 of the Club Monterrey, in July 2016, that constitute as well, in this great festivity for the Sembradorismo, which represents pride and obligation.


It is thankful, the punctual attendance to this Convención Annual, in the case of all the Delegations, and once more, to the Club Anfitrión: to its Members: to the Presidente and its Directiva, to the Comité de Damas, and to the Comité Organizador, the must rendered thanks for their hospitality and courtesy.


Amistad y Civismo


Dr. José Roberto Mendirichaga

Presidente Internacional