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Asociación Internacional


De Clubes Sembradores de Amistad



Viernes 24 de Febrero tenemos junta de Consejo Directivo en nuestra oficina del Condominio Acero Monterrey



75 years of Friendship and Citizenship                                                                     February 2012 

Informative Bulletin of the International Association of the,” Clubes Sembradores de Amistad A.C.” and the,” Fundación Sembradores de Amistad Monterrey, A.C.”/ Manager: Jesús Rodriguez García; Condominio Acero Monterrey, Despacho 1404, Phone numbers 5281 8342 5697& 5281 8340 2288 management


We are in no doubt, indebted to the Club Sembradores de Amistad A. C., proprietary of the building where we have our office, for the privilege of letting us, utilize his installations, in exchange of a rent,  much lower than the ones prevailing, in the heart of downtown Monterrey. We will be putting this office, to more, and much better use, by we fellow Sowers, conferring more life to it, being uninterrupted guests, and making it, the venue, for some of our AICSA - FUSA meetings.

For the time being, The session of the Board of Directors, this coming February 24th.,will take place at this, our office. This way, saving the rents, regularly  paid for a place in a hotel, or a restaurant, obtaining also the circumstance, of been more intimate, with our institution.

We are kindly inviting the presidents of the associated Clubs and their members, as well as the local members, that wish to visit this your office in Monterrey, that please call in advance our manager, Jesús Rodríguez García, as him, being the sole employee, he has multiple tasks to perform.

Plans for a new Club in Houston

Past December 26th.on a well known mall in San Pedro, Nuevo León, fellow Sowers: Rubén Treviño Martinez, Ricardo Garza Treviño, Roberto Santos Zambrano, and José Roberto Mendirichaga, considered the possibility of composing, an affiliated Club in the city of Houston, Texas, fellow Sower Rubén Treviño, presently residing there, expressed that in conjunction with Antonio Foster Morales, who also is living in this city,


confered about  giving life to an affiliated Club, right there in city of Houston. We will keep you posted on the subject.

E-mail address for Rubén Treviño is

Brief Tidings

  • *Past 26th. of December, Carlos Sada Díaz de León, brother of our Treasurer Alfredo Sada, and Alfonso Sada, the translator of this bulletin, passed away. Our condolences.

  • *Our gratitude, to the Del Muro Leiva family, from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, for the beautiful 2012 Calendar, showing the image of Mother Teresa, that they kindly sent us.

  • *Edmundo Carvajal Treviño, from the Club Saltillo, enjoyed a good improvement on his health.We send brotherly greetings to him and his family.

  • *We acknowledge with gratitude, the kind donations, granted to the communal work of ABP Sembradores, conferred by HEB Tampico and Fundación Maiz Velarde.

  • *Club Saltillo, is reporting the assistance granted to La Casa del Anciano (Cáritas), and El Ropero del Pobre.

  • *A Bingo event, organized by Club Sembradores Veracruz, to collect funds for his social works, took place recently in the city. 

ExJuveniles,” had a meeting in Durango

Thanks to the iniciative, of Ignacio Mendivil Buenrostro, some past members of Sembradores Juveniles, had a get together, at the state capital, on Tuesday 27th. of December. They agreed upon, having another reunion in the same city, and will track down, for those who were fellow members, in other cities of the Country.

From left to right, Alfonso Herrera, Armando Villarreal, Eva Marina Rodrígues, José Ignacio Mendivil Buenrostro, Laura Margarita H. de Herrera, Gonzalo Herrera Rivera, Alejandro Sáenz Cervantes, and Fernando Morales Araujo


Surgical Procedures to Remove Cataracts

Eufrocina Olmos (12-27-11) and Juan Antonio Mendoza (I-30-12), have being the last patients, served with surgical operations, to remove cataracts and implant intraocular lens which is a  customary social commitment, of Sembradores México, that were successfully performed, by the team of  eye specialists, directed by Clodio González MD.


Sembradores de Amistad / Febrero  2012




                                       A José Vasconcelos

El sembrador sembró la aurora;

Su brazo abarcaba el mar.

En su mirada las montañas

podían entrar.


La tierra pautada de surcos

oía los granos caer.

De aquel ritmo sencillo y profundo

melódicamente los árboles pusieron su

danza a mecer.


Sembrador silencioso:

el sol ha crecido por tus mágicas manos.

el campo ha escogido otro tono

y el cielo ha volado más alto.


Sembrada la tierra.

Su paso era bello: ni corto ni largo.

En sus ojos cabían los montes

y todo el paisaje en sus brazos.

Carlos Pellicer, 1924

Information from the Clubs

Torreon’s Centennial.- The first meeting of the year, took place past 12th. of January, at the residence of Luciano Arriaga Acosta.

Corpus Christy.-The Club of this city, already had their first meeting, this past 12th. day of January, and they have ambitious plans to accomplish.

.Culiacán.-Our wishes are that very soon, regain their health, our fellow Sowers that had suffered the usual ailments of the winter season. ¡Cheers!

Durango.-They are working on a report, for the proposal of building a day care center, for the zone of Maquiladoras, that would have an approximate cost, of three million pesos.

León.- They have a share, on the Fair of the city, that will run until the 6th. of  February, with their tómbola. The procedes are for the Casa del Niño.

Monterrey.-They had a session with ladies, Arturo Villarreal Treviño MD, been the guest speaker, and his theme “El Camino a Santiago”

 Puebla.- Soon, this Club, will inform the amount they donate every month, to the Fundación “Hernández Villar”

Regiomontano.- In a joint venture, with SEP, and the municipality of Villaldama, they are working on a program for training the teachers of this city.

Saltillo.- The Club will inform, about the amount of surgical interventions for removing cataracts, with implant of intraocular lens, that they sponsor, had been performed.

San Luis Potosí.- The Board of Directors of the Club, prepare an interesting report, related with the educative program, called “Formación de Carácter,” meaning formation of high moral values.

Sierra Madre.- For the celebration of the Kings Day, they had a get together, at the residence of José Ignacio and Elsa Cárdenas.

Tampico Metropolitano.- Through the eye care stores Visión y Londres, they were able to subsidize, a third of the cost of 250 persons, and their corresponding graduated lens, during the past 2011. 

Veracruz.- They already had their first reunion of the year, and they are working, on plans for growing, by incorporating more new members with their wives.


El Presidente de la Asoación Internacional de Clubes Sembradores de Amistad, A.C y de la Obra Social Sembradores Monterrey, ABP, no es sino el representante del Consejo Directivo-Patronato y el servidor de los Clubes Sembradores de México y Estados Unidos. Si avanzamos, es por ustedes. Por su entusiasmo, por su solidaridad y por su apoyo económico. Queremos tener más Socios en nuestros Clubes; y queremos tener más Clubes en México y en Estados Unidos.

A fin de que puedan agendar los próximos eventos, el viernes 24 de Febrero tenemos junta de Consejo Directivo en nuestra oficina del Condominio Acero Monterrey; en Abril 27 y 28 es la Asamblea de Presidentes de Clubes en Puebla (antes Miniconvención) y en Octubre 12 y 13, tendremos la siguiente Asamblea de Presidentes en Torreón
(antes Convención). A los eventos de Puebla y Torreón se recomienda asistir con Esposa y pueden también participar Socios y Amigos.

¡Vamos adelante!

Dr. José Roberto Mendirichaga


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